You may have been through some stuff,

but here is your opportunity to

RECOVER from a crisis,

RELEASE that energy


RETRIEVE a better you.


Wait no Longer! Confront your reality and open yourself to experience Post Traumatic Growth




Why You?  It’s frustrating to know some area of your life isn’t working. Whether it’s your finances, your job, your relationships, your love life, your living situation, your seemingly unattainable dreams, or all of these things, much can change if you just get your mind right! Because where the mind goes the behind follows, and if you get your mind right you can get your life right! You have been through enough, and you’re ready for some progression. While not a substitute for therapy or counseling this program will offer you a jolt of the right energy, information, direction and motivation to help you Bounce Back Boldly.

This program is designed for people who:

  • Want to move past a traumatic event in their life

  • Are ready to get unstuck in problematic areas of their life

  • Find they are envious of someone and recognize they think some things are out of their reach.

  • Have new opportunities and relationships they are sabotaging

  • Seem to be repeating the same mistakes in new situations or with new people

  • Have new goals that will require new ways of thinking






Post Traumatic Growth is not about returning to the same life as it was previously experienced before a period of suffering, but rather it is about undergoing significant shifts in thinking and relating to the world, that contribute to a personal process of change, that is deeply meaningful and opens you up to living BOLDLY!  This program is no magic pill, but what it will do is provide you with 

The only thing that will change your results is to change your behavior, and the only way to do that is to change the way you think- about the past, your present, what works, what's available, and what you are capable of and deserve. Power comes from your ability to choose your thoughts. Join and gain access to a life expanding 5 session tele-seminar recording committed to helping you address and expand your thinking to breakthrough the barriers of trauma that keeps you from moving forward to that badass life that you keep envisioning. It's time to try new ways of thinking to produce new ways of living.





Aren’t you tired of being stuck? Life is happening now! It’s time to be urgent about creating the life you want. It’s time to change, and when change is necessary, not to change is destructive. The solution is simple even though it might not be easy- acknowledge your past and find the strategies to let it go! Those strategies will always begin with a change of thinking. if you try to build with disempowering or limited thinking you will never see the results you long for.


You get to use you history to build with and build on to create a life that surpasses what you had before, and you get to do it BECAUSE of the things you’ve gone through not inspite of them. Everyone involves in this program has been through horrific tragedies and come out on the other side victorious, and living a bigger, bolder life than they had before the event(s) and we want to support you through the process of doing the same!


We will pick apart thinking that keeps you stuck, that doesn’t work anymore,

and will give you the tools to redesign your life.

The program includes:

  • 5 weekly mp3 downloads that focus on the destructive, limiting thinking and core negative beliefs that keeps you stuck and easy to implement strategies for mindset methods to combat them

  • Approximately 10 hours of pre-recorded sessions exploring key modes of thinking that support creating a BOLDER, more satisfying life and experiencing Post-Traumatic Growth.

  •  Tools to illuminate and employ the new mindset makeover methods for a better and bolder life.

  • 5 featured guest who BOUNCED BACK after extraordinary crisis in their lives employing the featured mindsets makeovers to create their lives BOLDLY

  • Downloadable handouts and exercises to immediately engage you in the reset of your mindset, reference long after the series has ended





Positive Attitude 

Commitment to completion and practice

Open Mind & Heart




 Get Your Life!!!

   The Time is Now…You Deserve It.

Your Hosts:

Sharmayne Jenkins

Your Host is the dynamic Sharmayne Jenkins who was named one of’s “Seven Life Coaches Every Black Woman Should Know”. She has spent years entrenched in transformational work with private clients and groups, as well as the NY Police Department, Corrections Department, and Agency for Children’s Services and organizations that serve victims of domestic violence. Now she is bringing her insights to the masses.

Shirley Torho

Our facilitator for the week will be Shirley Torho, an expert in trauma who has worked internationally with educators and mental health agencies. Together they offer a unique approach to cultivating post traumatic growth- a life where you stand on your story and not sit in it!

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Your Guests:

Heather Hughes- Celebrity Stylist

Experienced a divorce and financial devastation and now spends time living the glamorous style life as a celebrity stylist and image and esteem consultant

True Rodriguez- Playwright and Poet

​Tragically lost a child and found a way to leverage the arts to breathe new life into herself, her youngest child and others

Gessie Thompson- Author, Health and Fertility Coach

Battled issues with infertility and fibroids, and pushed through the void to not only bear a child but start a business helping other women with the same struggles.

Lucinda Cross- Author, Coach and Media Personality

Lived through incarceration yet found a way to free her heart’s desires, author several books, and create an international business

Billy Davis-Personal Trainer and Sportsman

Survived trauma and amputation to build new strength and flourish as a fitness guru and triatholon

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Don’t Sleep -- You Know You’re Ready… Join Today!

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"Sharmayne Jenkins has this innate gift to make you believe deeply in your worth and value in such a way that results are simply second-nature. It is exactly what she did for me! After just one coaching call with her, which happened to be right before taking a major step in my business (which honestly had me nauseas & on pins and needles)... she got me completely aware and intune with my value & expertise. I felt like a badass. Her honesty, insights and energy on that call led me to doubling my rates & banking over $25k in sales revenue in only 2 weeks! Something I'd never, ever, ever even come CLOSE to doing. She stretched my mind to what is possible & to what I deserve. I will be forever grateful for that loving kick in the booty from this one-of-a-kind Woman & Coach."

Angelisa Almanzar

Intuitive Love Coach

All Heart coach Inc

"Just stopping by to say thank you Sharmayne!

Since the BBB webinar I've been operating in a more courageous mindset! I've practiced countering my negative beliefs and blocked mindset with positive affirmations. 

I've used the action steps to "set myself up to win".

This has helped me to step into a new position seamlessly and with confidence. 

The work is ongoing. I know I will go boldly down whatever path I need to with PAIN (Pay Attention Inward Now)

As one of the speakers said; 

It is not courage if fear is not present!

Marcia Wilson-Ahmad

National Trainer, Major Retailer

"Sharmayne Jenkins exudes intelligence, style, humor, candor and grace. She has a unique and compelling way of telling you about yourself that causes pause, reflection and ultimately action. I speak from the experience of her life coaching acumen and I imagine anyone who's been taught by her can attest to this as well. She has spoken into my life personally on many an occasion and it's resulted in my growth both as a critical thinker and a woman in need of emotional healing. Anyone touched by her tutelage that is willing and open to the process will glean the skills necessary to start, build and/or maintain a fruitful and successful life."


Louisa Harris


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