As a Life Coach I try to help you win the balancing games in your life.

We are partners…

This will be a collaborative and creative relationship.

I’ll listen to you, make suggestions, share powerful tools and focus on what is important to you.

We’ll devise, implement and execute game plans in areas you feel stuck in.

Sharmayne Jenkins MBA, CPPP

MBA, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Life Coach

Sharmayne Jenkins is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Professional Life Coach touted as 1 of the “Seven Life Coaches Every Black Woman Should Know” by ForHarriet.com. For years she has relegated her coaching work to private clients and groups while lending her expertise to the NYPD’s Citywide Domestic Violence Unit, the New York Agency for Children’s Services’ (ACS), Bronx Independent Living Services (BILS) and the Department of Corrections.


As a professor at City University of New York, York College for 15 years, Sharmayne pioneered a highly sought-after “Personal Growth” course for seven years. This interactive experiential course has motivated numerous student to a host of personal goals from quitting smoking/drinking, reconciling with family to pursing a teaching career in Ghana. Another highlight for her was teaching Black Psychology, where the focus was the impact of various social, psychological, cultural, economic, and political variables as they relate to  the Black family, personality, language and intellectual development, educational and occupational aspirations, and physical and mental health.


But her most valuable experience comes from her own travails. Sharmayne’s extraordinary and transformational life journey, which includes growing up in a domestic violence household- where not only did she witness such atrocities as her dad kick the teeth out of her mother’s mouth but she herself was kidnapped twice by him after she left him in attempts to intimidate her mom and force her to come back. She would later lose both parents 2 months apart- her mom to cancer and then her father murder. She learned he had become homeless and was set on fire as he slept on a park bench. His last request was for the police to call her to come to him.


It’s the combination of her personal and professional experiences that uniquely qualify Sharmayne through her positive psychology techniques to help hundreds learned how to create thriving lives.

Her professional development trainings for organizations and educators emphasize organizational capacity building to increase revenue, productivity and harmony in the workplace through strategic emotional intelligence insights and/or standardization  practices.

Sharmayne's no-nonsense, transparent, fiery style of coaching and teaching are coupled with a warm, empathetic spirit. She is clear that everyone has a story, but she refuses to let the story rule her client's lives. Today she spreads her poignant perspectives of growth, reinvention and balance as a motivational speaker, life and business coach, as well as a blogger.


Her blog, "Grown and Alone", centers around her experiences as a adult orphan. Her television appearances, and Youtube channel, focus on distilling information for living a flourishing life.

Sharmayne Jenkins

“ Please continue your journey to coaching, you are a beacon in these sometimes dark times and your insight and wisdom are needed by many.”

 Beth Alleva



“seriously, you are the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts to hear...I want to thank you for always calling it like it is...you are very valuable to me...I love you for that... thank you for always being so patient with me… you are truly the light that shines through the dark...”

Ron Jones

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