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ABOUT Sharmayne

Sharmayne Jenkins 

Life Coach | Trainer | Author | Speaker

Sharmayne Jenkins, named one of the “Seven Life Coaches Every Black Woman Should Know” by, is a Reinvention Strategist. For years she has relegated her coaching work to private clients and groups while lending her expertise to the NYPD’s Citywide Domestic Violence Unit, the New York Agency for Children’s Services (ACS), Bronx Independent Living Services (BILS), and the Department of Corrections.

Sharmayne credits much of her success as a Psychology Professor and as a Life Coach to her 30 years as a celebrity hairstylist, and salon owner. Those experiences cultivated her approaches to, and insights into people, personalities, and propensities, and she looks forward to seeing how those skills support her through her doctoral studies the next couple of years. Sharmayne released her 1st book, “Before You Begin”, a guided journal to support powerful goal setting in 2020, and has 2 popular online coaching programs - Reinvention Roadmap Accelerator small group coaching program, and Bounce Back Boldly, a self-guided mindset reset program.

Sharmayne is a lifelong New Yorker, loves house music, dancing, globetrotting, and shopping. She is the proud mother of one daughter, Kristin.

“ Please continue your journey to coaching, you are a beacon in these sometimes dark times and your insight and wisdom are needed by many.”

 Beth Alleva



“seriously, you are the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts to hear...I want to thank you for always calling it like it are very valuable to me...I love you for that... thank you for always being so patient with me… you are truly the light that shines through the dark...”

Ron Jones

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