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Create & launch your

#ReinventionRoadmapAccelerator boldly in 6 weeks — and let go of what makes you stop (for good)!


"Is this real life?"

Imagine being on your dream vacation, and reflecting on the mindset reset that helped you cultivate new strategies and put in place a change process that freed you to build more than you'd ever had beforewhile drinking an ice tea, your butler brought you, on the private deck of your floating bungalow...

That's what happened to me.


Me gazing at the Indian Ocean thinking: "Is this real life?"

Failed business attempts? Tragic relationships? Dreams I deferred?  Opportunities I sabotaged? Been There. Underlying beliefs and disempowering mindsets controlling me? Been there. Stuck or running around in circles? Yeah been there too.

I started coaching clients in 2015, and I've been helping others reinvention areas of their lives ever since. Today, I've coached 100s of people, and given successful coaching programs helping people across the country.

Today, I know what it takes to help people create change in their lives.


But, this is my 2014...


Working on set of a wildly popular show, making a hefty salary, the envy of many.


And realizing I was waiting to take care of someone who living their dream and operating in their purpose while I was longing to operate in mine...

I had trained as a coach and had great feedback from all my facilators and clients, but then someone who I respected said to me " How are you gonna help people get their lives together when you can't even get yours together?"

I kept training, and kept getting praise for my technique and results, but I couldnt shake what was said to me. Unbeknownst to me If had become an underlying belief that I allowed to direct my actions and aspirations. That's when I learned the power of mindsets and how they control everything.

Then I dove deep into personal development studies


For almost 2 years, the coach went to get some coaching! I took different training and development courses to help myself and to also learn to help my clients. I learned to deal with my mindsets while I helped others heal and deal with theirs. I started coaching as a volunteer more to hone my skills and I coached 100s of people from different walks of life.

So... enough about me...

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 9.39.08 PM.png

You've spent years making plans, almost achieving your goals, pushing through your pain

and now you're ready to stop playing with your life

and create different results.

"Sharmayne Jenkins is a compassionate truth teller who is masterful at helping her clients access the power of different perspectives through unlocking and penetrating questions. I have had the benefit of her coaching  and she has never failed to help me unleash my highest and best self.

Gessie Thompson

' She got me completely aware and intune with my value & expertise. I felt like a badass. Her honesty, insights and energy on that call led me to doubling my rates & banking over $25k in sales revenue in only 2 weeks! Something I'd never, ever, ever even come CLOSE to doing."

Angelisa Almanzar


"Sharmayne was very patient, very caring, always made herself available, and you could really tell she wanted us to succeed... I'm actually making a lot of these goals in the areas of Christian Education, setting some boundaries, and just learning how to have better relationships with people..."

Have you been "on the verge of" or "waiting for the right time" to go for the things you really want for far too long?

I've been there. And let me tell you... Once I realized these THREE things, everything changed. Want to know what they are?

#1:  You DON'T always have to take a ton of actions and labor to implement your Reinvention Roadmap

Much of the work that needs to be done is with our mindsets-I always say where the mind goes the behind follows. Uncovering and shifting mindsets is where you need to start and may be all that is standing between you and your desires.

#2:  You DON'T have to change a ton of things about yourself

The main thing that you need is a mindset reset. Your thoughts about yourself and your future will affect your decision making and success or failure. My STOP technique helps you regroup and choose empowering ways of thinking to propel you instead of being stuck, or worse yet losing ground.

#3: You DON’T have to dedicate a ton of time
What you reinforce is stronger than what you desire, so when you start to reinforce
what is possible things change rapidly


Does this actually work in practice? Uh, yeah!


I loved doing the Reinvention Accelerator. Some of my results were:
-I created a “miracle morning” routine This has led me to feel, deal and heal with many of life’s occurrences.
-I got a new job with a 20% salary increase, I traveled to another country solo for the first time, and I enrolled in dancing and bikram yoga classes to challenge myself —& try something new

Queen Ofori


" I've been operating in a more courageous mindset! I've practiced countering my negative beliefs and blocked mindset ...I've used the action steps to "set myself up to win". This has helped me to step into a new position seamlessly and with confidence. 

Marcia Wilson-Ahmad​


Sharmayne Jenkins has a unique and compelling way of telling you about yourself that causes pause, reflection and ultimately action.Her coaching has resulted in my growth both as a critical thinker and a woman in need of emotional healing

Louisa Harris

Here's what happened to me after I reinvented myself...

I became sought after to speak on various platforms

A BIGGER VISION: As you gain more self-awareness, transform, and see what’spossible, you will play a bigger game.


IMMEDIATE CHANGE: You’ll get clear on the direction you want to go in and access the mindsets you’ll need to create change quickly.

DREAM OPPORTUNITIES: As you gain awareness and strategies for success you will confidently take advantage of new opportunities created and attracted by your reinvention.

RICHER RELATIONSHIPS: You will redesign existing relationships and how you develop new ones

MANAGED EMOTIONS: Your deepened understanding of your triggers and dominant mindsets will position you to healthier responses to life's curveballs.

PEACE OF MIND: You will allow yourself grace along your journey to reinvention,
and you will see more of the opportunities instead of all the road blocks.



A 6-week program to help you create and implement new resullts in your life boldly— without requiring drastic change or a complete takeover of your life.

Reset your mindset, and get clear on your mental roadblocks

Transform your excuses to action

Learn strategies to Bounce Back Boldly from major setbacks

Create a definitive strategy to move forward powerfully towards your goals

Create healthy habits that support your vision

Here's what you'll learn:


Determine your true reasons for reinvention

Examine where the need really is

Introduction to the BOUNCE Process


Indepth look at your empowering and disempowering mindsets

Unpack the narratives you have about yourself that don't work

look at the saboteurs in your head and your life

learn STOP Method of regrouping

I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.


Developing your GOAL Statement

Assessing your hope scale

Enhancing your agency


Exploration of your:

     - Habits that can heal

     - Self-regulation strategies

     - Transforming excuses

     - Emotional health

     - Change process

...And strategies to improve them all



Develop your DANCE Method of goal implementation

Valuing mining for alignment of goals

Creating your milestone calender

Dealing with different types of fear- how to turn excuses to action


Conducting your Primary Needs Analysis and how it's steering your decision making

Examining how you use problems to satisfy your needs and what it's costing you

Discussing the power in uncertainty

The future


Get the following when you enroll today...


Bounce Back Boldly Program

($497 value)

BBB is  an approximately 10 hours deep dive into key modes of thinking that support creating a BOLDER, more satisfying life, and experiencing Post-Traumatic Growth.

This program is designed for people who:

  • Want to move past a traumatic event in their life

  • Are ready to get unstuck in problematic areas of their life

  • Find they are envious of someone and recognize they think some things are out of their reach.

  • Have new opportunities and relationships they are sabotaging

  • Seem to be repeating the same mistakes in new situations or with new people

  • Have new goals that will require new ways of thinking

The program also includes:

  • Tools to illuminate and employ the new mindset makeover methods for a better and bolder life.

  • 5 featured guests who BOUNCED BACK after extraordinary crisis in their lives employing the featured mindsets makeovers to create their lives BOLDLY

  • Downloadable handouts and exercises to immediately engage you in the reset of your mindset, reference long after the series has ended



Realignment Roadmap

(value $50)

Imagine not only a visual aid, but a downloadable cheat sheet of cues that will let you know when you are “going down the wrong road”, and also includes mechanisms to help you shift your mindsets toward more constructive thinking….

choice map2.jpg


Bonus LIVE call

(value $250)

An in depth look at each segment of your life to determine what is working, what is not, as well as value mining to determine if what your doing and/or creating is aligned with your values… or if your values are even what you thought.

Yeah, we did that. Now it's time to recreate that for you.


When you PAY IN FULL, you'll also get access to...




($250 value)

This will be your time to have a private conversation with me to help in areas you need more targeted help with or to discuss a sensitive subject more transparently. We will focus on whatever you feel would support your reinvention.







'Sharmayne Jenkins is witty, intuitive, and leads by example. Her passion for helping people live their best life is driven by real life experiences, coupled with lessons she's learned along the way.  Sharmayne's approach is thoughtful and intentional. With a a little humor and a lot of honesty Sharmayne provides coaching that helps you make decisions that work for YOU!"


Dr.Camesha Grant


Ready to create your reinvention roadmap? Let's do this!


"Utilizing that information has had a huge impact on my day to day life... the mindsets have allowed me to see more clearly how some of my choices are impacting my results in my life... I've had some amazing results on the relationship side... I'm really, really excited about what is available to me now, and what is possible for me now.... It was an amazing experience"

"Sharmayne is honest, Sharmayne is direct, Sharmayne is authentic."

Ready to create your reinvention roadmap with

someone who's coached 100s of people to amazing results?


Hi! I'm Sharmayne Jenkins...

Named one of the "Seven Coaches Every Black Women Should Know" by, Sharmayne Jenkins has been coaching and helping 100s of people since 2007 with their mental transformation and reinventions .

She has worked with or been invited to speak to 100s in leadership at the New York Police Department, NY Agency of Children Services, the East Orange New Jersey School District, and NAF, a national organization that supports teacher's professional developnent to help shift mindsets around specific topics. 

Sharmayne was a Psychology Professor at CUNY- York College, where she created and taught a Personal Growth course 7 years, ran Sistachat, an in-person coaching group, and launched her virtual seminar Bounce Back Boldly. She is now taking her outreach to the next level with the launch of Reinvention Roadmap Accelerator.

So are you ready to create & launch your roadmap?

Let's do this! Ready to create your reinvention roadmap?

What if my life is already so full? How am I supposed to devote time and attention to myself?

You would be surprised how easy, and actually how important, it is to just incorporate the insights and practices into you life. What I know is application is the evidence of learning, so the BEST way to make the change is to live the change everyday.

#1- It’s NOT about a ton of actions and labor to have your goals.

Much of the work that needs to be done is with our mindsets- 

I always say where the mind goes the behind follows. Uncovering and shifting mindsets is where you need to start and may be all that is standing between you and your desires.

#2- You DON’T have to change a ton of things about yourself

Your thoughts about yourself and your future will affect your decision making and success or failure. When you get out of your mental mudpit, you can actually see your value and you will do things differently.


#3- You DON’T have to dedicate a ton of time

What you reinforce is stronger than what you desire, so when start to reinforce what is possible things change rapidly


The course for me meant understanding the possibilities.  Not to condemn the old me but to understand and accept her.  I learned how the narrative in my head was created and what the steps towards forgiveness-of myself and others- were?  That alone brought me closer to the possibility of living a full, present, unapologetic life that fuels me and gave me yet another reason to strive to live an enjoyable one

Lashun Rogers

Ready to join me in #ReinventionRoadmapAccelerator?


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Copyright 2019. Reinvention Solutions. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2019 Reinvention Solutions. all rights reserved.

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