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"She got me completely aware and intune with my value & expertise. I felt like a badass. Her honesty, insights and energy on that call led me to doubling my rates & banking over $25k in sales revenue in only 2 weeks! Something I'd never, ever, ever even come CLOSE to doing."

Angelisa Almazar

"Sharmayne was very patient, very caring, always made herself available, and you could really tell she wanted us to succeed... I'm actually making a lot of these goals in the areas of Christian Education, setting some boundaries, and just learning how to have better relationships with people..."

Denise applied for and was accepted into a  Seminary Master's program and as a teacher in her church.

Utilizing that information has had a huge impact on my day to day life... the mindsets have allowed me to see more clearly how some of my choices are impacting my results in my life... i've had some amazing results in the relationship side... I'm really, really excited about what is available to me now, andwhat's possible for now... It was amazing experience"

"Sharmayne is honest, Sharmayne is direct, Sharmayne is authentic."

Crystal has opened herself to love and started her business.

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