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Professional Development Series:


When employees know that leadership is invested in them, employees invest more in the organization.


Studies show cultivating healthy communication and relationships throughout the organization highly correlate to increased productivity and lower attrition rates.


This series offers essential communication methods that have been proven to increase productivity and better enable individuals to work together cohesively toward common goals.


These trainings offer supervisors the social-emotional and communication skill training needed to manage their employees and the company/department culture. Addressed are basics for discerning different ways people think, developing various communication skills, cultivating leadership skills and addressing diversity,

The framework centers on strategic interpersonal interactions in four critical areas:

  • Effective Team Communication – Defining and developing relationship skills strategies

    • Relationship building

    • Difficult conversations 

    • Acknowledgement and apologies

    • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Mindsets – Identifying and interacting with empowering and disempowering forms of thinking

  • Leadership – Foundational social-emotional tenets of leadership

  • Cultural Competency- Developing an environment responsive to diverse needs and beliefs

The foundation of the trainings includes:

  • Introduction of the key communication interactions

  • Paralleling emotional intelligence theory

  • Engagement exercises to support learning through application

  • Take-away documents for expanded learning



"Sharmayne Jenkins is a compassionate truth teller who is masterful at helping her clients access the power of different perspectives through unlocking and penetrating questions. I have had the benefit of her coaching for over eight years and she has never failed to help me unleash my highest and best self."


-Gessie Thompson | Bestselling Author, HOPE BEYOND FIBROIDS, Fertility Coach & Speaker



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I am here to help you…

  • Create a vision for your organization's future 

  • Help you discover and uncover what’s working and what’s not working

  • Set goals for your business with an action plan to implement those goals

  • Eliminate time wasters and energy drains to improve your productivity and time management

  • To offer new perspectives and brainstorm new ideas

  • To be your accountability partner and create accountability structures

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